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by Muhammad Afsar

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Information on the site

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Every effort is made to keep the website running and running smoothly. However, the company is not responsible for temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control, and will not be liable for it.

User Agreement

The Company shall have the right to modify or amend the rules and conditions applicable to the use of the Rashtravani Times Publications Limited site, or any part of it at any time, or will have the right to apply the new conditions, including adding fees and fees, which will only It will not be limited to this. Such changes, amendments, addition, and deletions will be effective on immediate notice, which will be posted on Rashtravani Times Publications Ltd. sites, or by electronic or traditional mail, or any other medium, so that the subscriber can get this notice, through these means Can be found or not limited to any of these. Any such use of Rashtravani Times Publications Ltd. Site after such notice shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such changes, amendments or joints. In this document of the terms of use, the word ‘Rashtravanitimes.com‘ is used by the website, Its owners and employees and owners have been referred to the associates. Associate / Group Sites are Rashtravani Times Publications Limited or its affiliates or group companies owned or operated sites. “Associate Companies” or “Group Companies” shall mean for those companies which are subsidiaries or affiliates of Rashtravani Times Publications Limited and have been appointed, who are directly or indirectly controlled by Rashtravani Times Publications Limited There are some legal entities.

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Prohibited Activities

Do not use any other posts and/or any part of it on all our websites.

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